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Parent Education


Feeling overwhelmed by issues occurring within your family?


Want to make changes but unsure of where to begin?


Hoping to build your parenting toolbox so you can feel better prepared to handle challenges?


These resources are delivered in bite-sized pieces and are available on-demand, so you can access them when it works for you - and continue to refer back to them as needed. 

Two options are available, a one-time purchase of 3 existing resources OR a monthly subscription that will allow you to access those same 3 resources plus all new recorded content!

Click below to head to the subscription page:

A flourishing family starts with you. Here's what parents are saying:

"[Liz] seriously helped us! I'm so thankful for [her] advice. Ever since we have changed our routine, no more tears."

Mother and Son

"Mine and [my son's] responses to each other have improved so much! ... It was a great experience."

"This is a deep thank you to [Liz]... the work itself is challenging on a bunch of levels but is so worth it to me... I'm having a bunch of lightbulb moments, then grumbling moments, then huge shifts in the way I'm looking at things, including simply my son."


I am a parent educator, a conscious mother, and a teacher with a behavioral background. 

Throughout my career in an intensive behavioral and educational setting and as a parent educator, I have found the following to be true:

Children and families thrive when parents are able to become proactive - positive - prepared. 

When parents are able to get in touch with their parental intuition, get clear on their family values, create their family vision, and become confident in knowing the way they'd like to parent.


And, when they are able to focus on supporting their parental intuition through learning effective teaching/modeling strategies and creating an environment for their child that supports the development of functional and necessary skills. 


My Philosophy...

For many in the conscious parenting world, the word 'behavioral' holds a negative connotation, often seen as a black-and-white, outdated system of rewards and punishments that focuses on controlling children rather than promoting their autonomy. 

Conversely, most new age parenting seems to solely promote emotional connection as the only parenting tool you'll ever need - leaving many parents in the dark about how to effectively address maladaptive or unwanted patterns of behavior within their home.

My philosophy aims to bridge the gap. By merging my extensive understanding of human behavior and development with my commitment to positive and respectful parenting practices, I help families develop an approach to raising their children that is tailored around the family's unique vision, goals, and values but supported by evidence-based strategies.

I have worked with families for approximately 8 years, supporting parents in developing and achieving goals to create meaningful change within their home and beyond.

Throughout this time, one underlying pattern has remained consistent:

Family change ALWAYS starts with the parents.

This is the foundation of my coaching.

I believe that in order to become the best parents for our children, we must begin by looking inward and analyzing our own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors first.

It is only when we open ourselves to this process that we can start allowing ourselves to be creative and innovative with our parenting; to think outside of the box, to drown out the noise of contradicting parenting advice, and have the courage to ditch outdated and ineffective parenting tactics so that we can build conscious, respectful parenting habits that support a healthy family.


 This is not an overnight process; it requires consistency, dedication, curiosity, resilience, and most of all, accountability.

That's why I'm here - to provide actionable strategies to help you reach your family goals, and if you need it, also hold you accountable for implementing these strategies and working towards the behavior change that will result in your family's transformation.

There's no perfect parent, and your children don't come with manuals - let's work together to help you create the family dynamic you and your children deserve!

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